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Mark Eisert

Mark Eisert, the founder and principal disc jockey of Millennium Sound, boasts a rich history of event involvement since establishing the company in 1998. Hailing from Erie, PA, Mark has lent his expertise to over 500 weddings, 100 school dances, and numerous other gatherings. Adhering to the ethos of "to whom much is given, much is expected," he ardently supports his community through various charitable endeavors across Erie County. Notably, he and his team take great pride in organizing and hosting the Adult Prom and 80s4AJO events annually.

Beyond his DJ prowess, Mark is a seasoned musician. His musical journey commenced in his youth with the saxophone in middle school. Progressing to become proficient in guitar, keyboard, and saxophone, he performed with Black Diamond, a renowned 50s/60s band that toured Erie County. Additionally, Mark collaborated with his cousin, Dave Eisert, in the dynamic duo "Live with Dave and Mark Eisert," entertaining crowds with renditions of Jimmy Buffett and Zac Brown tunes at outdoor venues throughout Erie, PA, particularly during the summer months. Mark, who resides in the Edinboro, PA area with his spouse and three children, serves as a dedicated full-time business and media educator at the Penncrest School District. Holding a Master's in Special Education and a Master's in Business Administration, he further extends his commitment to public service as a councilman for the Borough of Edinboro.

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