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Dan O'Neil

Dan O’Neil, a seasoned member of the Millennium Sound team since 2015, boasts an impressive 14-year legacy of curating unforgettable experiences for weddings, schools, and corporate events. Nestled in Erie since the late '90s, Dan takes immense pride in his connection to the community and understands the unique dynamics of celebrations in the area.

With a diverse musical repertoire spanning hits from every decade, 1990s and onwards pop, club and hip-hop beats, as well as an extensive knowledge of both new and classic country tunes, Dan guarantees a musical journey that caters to every taste. His passion truly shines when crafting the perfect blend of 2000s pop-rock, EDM anthems, or the nostalgic tunes of 90s alt-rock.

Dan's commitment to ensuring a stress-free experience on your big day sets him apart. Recognizing the overwhelming nature of weddings, he goes the extra mile to offer expert guidance. Trust in his ability to not only listen attentively to your vision but also to collaborate closely with you in order to curate the precise vibe you desire for yourself and your guests.

Outside of the DJ booth, Dan leads a vibrant life filled with diverse interests. Whether he's immersed in the thrill of live concerts, enjoying motorsports, engaging in online gaming, or one of his many other hobbies, Dan brings a wealth of passion and energy to everything he does. His dedication extends to his personal life, where he shares joyous moments with his new wife and their four adorable feline companions.

Choose Dan O’Neil to transform your wedding day into an unforgettable musical journey, where every beat reflects your unique love story. With his extensive experience, personalized approach, and vibrant personality, Dan is your go-to DJ for creating cherished memories on your special day.

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