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James Hammill

James Hammill holds the distinction of being one of the original team members of Millennium Sound since its inception in 1998. With a remarkable tenure spanning over 25 years, James has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset to the company. After rejoining Millennium Sound in 2012, his contributions to wedding receptions and private parties have been nothing short of exceptional.

With a repertoire boasting over 150 weddings, James's seasoned expertise shines through in every event he oversees. His unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the time and effort he dedicates to each wedding reception and ceremony, ensuring unforgettable experiences for all involved. James particularly relishes outdoor venues and finds joy in orchestrating events in rustic barn settings.

Outside of his endeavors with Millennium Sound, James is a dedicated full-time teacher within the Warren School District. Married with two daughters, he calls Union City, PA, his home. His passion for music, coupled with his unwavering dedication to both his profession and family, exemplifies James's commitment to enriching lives within his community and beyond.

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