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Mike Eisert

Mike Eisert holds a significant place in the genesis of Millennium Sound, being the driving force behind its creation. As the original co-owner of All Around Sound in Erie, PA, Mike embarked on his journey in 1990, continuing until 2001. Alongside his partner, Rick Cappelletty, Mike imparted invaluable knowledge to Mark Eisert, grooming him to become a successful mobile disc jockey in the Erie area.

Despite retirement, Mike occasionally emerges to DJ class reunions and retirement parties in the local area, drawn back to the DJ scene by his enduring love for music. His passion for music extends beyond DJing, as he still strums his guitar on occasion and performs in the vibrant Erie music scene.

A dedicated family man, Mike is married with one child and resides in Millcreek, where his influence on the local music community continues to be felt. His enduring legacy and contributions to the DJ industry have left an indelible mark on Millennium Sound and the broader Erie community.

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